Employee DNA take a helicopter view of retention and understand that one tool or product will not quickly solve a problem.

we have hand picked a number of organisations that will provide their expertise and be available to you to ensure continuity of outcomes and provide training and up skilling where required. It is important to fully understand what are the main causes of attrition before being in a position to remedy this. By using employee survey data, coupled with cultural insight you can then improve from the ground up. As difficult conversations are required throughout the business to retain talent, we offer guidance and training to your management on this to increase the volume of successful retention.


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“Great{with} helps organisations increase levels of performance, employee engagement, and reduce staff turnover. Our psychometric knowledge and research-based approach means we offer innovative approaches to collecting and analysing data. By partnering with Employee DNA, we've given our customers an extra level of understanding around retention and the foresight to act before it's too late. Chris Napper, Co-Founder and Chief Product Office, great{with}”

Chris Napper Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

“The way we view work, career progression and ongoing education has dramatically changed over the last 10 years. For employees to remain engaged and enjoying a continual sense of achievement, we need to work closer on their education and learning to provide a platform of ongoing support in this space. The partnership between Employee DNA and SeaLadder allows for the identification of those employees at high risk of leaving, and creates a value proposition to that individual to re-engage them in the business and their career”

Adam Pond Founder and Director - SeaLadder