Our Mission is to increase your staff retention by over 30%



Employee DNA. A new product offering to Australia that through the use of advanced Data Science gives the power back to you, the employer

Giving unique insights into your people (and your competitors people) to identify flight risks 3 months before they happen and a first mover advantage on hiring new talent to your company. 

eDNA increases staff retention by over the 30%.

This Data Science focussed platform allows you to have visibility of employees that are demonstrating habits and traits that historically would indicate they will be moving on from your organisation, giving you a 3 month advance warning to save them from leaving, should they be important to your business.

Data Science Consultancy.

Employee Data is our thing; we work with your in house Human Capital and Talent teams to produce bespoke information tailored to your organisation. Examples of this include mirroring of high achievers in your organisation to the market and targeted search algorithms based on your own criteria.

Competitor Analysis.
Save time & Cost

The eDNA similar profile algorithm automates all of those time consuming searches for your next hire, allowing you to have visibility of those at risk of moving roles in the market and giving you the power to hire them before anyone else does. Saving you both time and cost in recruitment spend.

Our Team

eDNA is made up of a team of PHD Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Product specialists and retention experts.

Graeme Smith

Founder & Director, 20 Years experience of Recruitment and Retention Strategy, Network 20, Founder & Director, Early Investor

Damien Andreasen

Non-Exec Director and Advisory, Past; Spreets / Yahoo7 - Director of Sales , Lawpath CEO. Early Investor

Carmine Rositano

Business Development and Account Management Past; HR Strategy and Advisory, Lipa, Fantastic Holdings.

Ana Milicic, Phd

Consulting Data Scientist, Machine Learning specialist


Employee DNA is based in the beautiful heart of the Harbour City.


Level 11, 66 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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“The way we view work, career progression and ongoing education has dramatically changed over the last 10 years. For employees to remain engaged and enjoying a continual sense of achievement, we need to work closer on their education and learning to provide a platform of ongoing support in this space. The partnership between Employee DNA and SeaLadder allows for the identification of those employees at high risk of leaving, and creates a value proposition to that individual to re-engage them in the business and their career.“

Adam Pond Founder and Director - SeaLadder

Great{with}talent.com helps organisations increase levels of performance, employee engagement, and reduce staff turnover. Our psychometric knowledge and research-based approach means we offer innovative approaches to collecting and analysing data. By partnering with Employee DNA, we've given our customers an extra level of understanding around retention and the foresight to act before it's too late

Chris Napper Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer