Feeding the Data Machine, one Terabyte at a time.

If Big Data is the new oil, let’s say your devices are your car and you’re now subconsciously driving the car with it’s accelerator stuck to the floor with no way of slowing!

I’ve spent the last month looking at each touch point within my life, how much data is now being held on me, and potentially on all of us through the use of cookies, automated scraping (Robots) and Data Mining.

It’s no secret that everything we touch online is being tracked, but have you given a thought to how every single service or part of your life now has terabytes of data accumulated on you?

Every single one of these services is mining data to re-purpose for the benefit of their organisation (and the service to you), or to on-sell the information to other service providers or advertisers. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing and in most cases it’s making our lives easier; it’s surely just the contract that we sign now when using a connected service.

Amazon Alexa (Echo) – pings feedback on your usage and commands within the home every three minutes

Facebook – every single like and share is tracked, every Private Message possibly viewed

Your email – Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo are all collecting vital information on you and your life

Who you hang out with – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Whatsapp

Where you go via GPS tracking – your car, your phone, your smartwatch, Fitbit, Uber, dashcam, registration plate identification

What food you buy – with Woolworths and Coles tracking your every purchase to recommend discounts and promotions

What takeaway you love – Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Foodora, Domino’s

Your spending habits – through your credit card provider – Quantium do it on behalf of NAB

Where you like to holiday – Trivago, Stayz, Airbnb, Hotelscombined

Finding your next home – Domain or Realestate.com.au

Where you should fly to – Webjet, Skyscanner, and most major airlines with Qantas being particularly pro-active around using your Qantas points.

The help you with the jobs around the house – Airtasker, HiPages

In what you like to watch – your Smart TV and Foxtel, Stan, Netflix

What you listen to – Alexa, Sonos, Spotify

Who you speak with most – Apple, Samsung, your mobile phone carrier, Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp

Managing your finances and credit rating – through Equifax, Xero and the ATO

What insurance is best – Comparethemarket, Finder

Which horse to bet on – Sportsbet, TAB

Your Smart Home technology, feeding back data to your living habits. Think lights, showers, security and even down to your smart toothbrush. – Clipsal

How much you exercise – through your Smartwatch or Fitbit

How much you sleep – through your Smartwatch or Fitbit

Your next career move – through LinkedIn, Facebook Careers, Indeed and SEEK.

What you should be buying – Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree, CashRewards

Your Health Data – Medical Director, Smart Clinics, NEHTA – eHealth

Conversations being listened to – via your phone, your Smart TV or Alexa

With 90% of the worlds Data being created in just the last two years and the world using 2.5 quintillion bytes per day, is it any surprise that everything we touch is continually growing our Data footprint?

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